Reservation-less Toll-Free Audio Conferencing

Pay as you go Not Applicable 6.9¢
$29 500 6.9¢
$59 1200 6.9¢
$74 1700 6.9¢
$99 2200 6.9¢
$125 2800 6.9¢
$146 3300 6.9¢
$248 5500 6.9¢
$425 10000 6.9¢
$625 15000 6.9¢
$825 20000 6.9¢
$1185 30000 6.9¢
$1575 40000 6.9¢

* Genesis passes through to all customers the FCC's Universal Service Fund (USF) surcharge. This fee is subject to change on a quarterly basis and is applied ONLY to conference call bridging service and US toll free transport.

We offer Monthly Plans or you can Pay As You Go.
  • Monthly Plans are due on the first of each month (first month will be prorated if needed).
  • All our monthly plans are rollover plans – unused minutes carry over each month for one year before expiring. Any minutes in excess of your chosen plan will be billed at 6.9¢ per minute.
  • We offer the most competitive rates and now you can enjoy toll free access with one low flat monthly rate for all your conference calls. We also have affordable toll free international rates.
  • There is no commitment. Your plan can be downgraded, upgraded or closed entirely at the end of the monthly cycle.
Live Conference Viewer is a web control screen where you can manage your call on-line – includes viewing conference attendees, mute/un-mute participants, dial out to add attendees, lock/unlock conference and call recording. Up to 150 users. If over 150 users – Call customer service at 1-888-436-3746, 72 hours in advance Monday thru Friday to speak with our friendly conference representative. We will provide as many PIN sets as you need, daily call reports, transcription and translation services available and much, much more.

To estimate the minutes of a call, multiply the number of participants by the number of minutes the conference bridge is used (i.e. 5 people on the conference for 60 minutes = 300 minutes.)

If you need more minutes, just Contact Us and we will be happy to give you a quote for the number of minutes you need.
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Reservation-less Unlimited Video, Web, VoIP Conferencing & Free Recording

Let’s face it: we’re a visual society. That’s why video conferencing takes online conferencing to a whole new level.

Video-To-Go Conferencing allows you to host an online meeting with up to 250 people. Hold meetings with participants that are anywhere. Share any application on your computer in real time - even with smart phone users! Attendees do not need to download software.

ProductParticipants/MeetingPriceMore Details
Audio ConferencingUnlimited
per minute/
per participant

Need the easiest to use web conferencing with recordings?

Our Video-To-Go product will record what is shown on the screen along with all the telephone conversation.

Your recorded web conferences are available to users anywhere and anytime with no cost and can be viewed as often as you wish! Unlimited presentation storage. Use the links to your stored presentations on your Web site for product, customer, employee training. A truly global meeting solution.
Reservation-less Unlimited Video, Web, VoIP & Recording

1000 FREE toll-free (US/Canada) high-quality audio minutes/unlimited toll minutes included with each account per month.
$49 per month

$69 per month

$99 per month

$129 per month

$169 per month

All prices are in US Dollars