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A virtual meeting conducted online that allows you to share presentations, no software download applications, documents or entire desktop live via the Web and on many mobile devices.
Reservation-less Conferencing
Our 24/7 feature rich, reservation-less audioconferencing service is perfect for on-the-fly calls that can be set up anytime, day or night.
Reservation-less Secure Unlimited Video, Web, Audio & Webinar Conferencing & Free Recording
Browser-based video conferencing and browser-based webinar software do not require any download or installation of any plugin or application. You simply use your typical browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or any other browser that incorporates WebRTC. This makes for a more user-friendly experience and also allows many more participants to be able to easily access and attend meetings, even if they are behind a firewall or working for a company that does not allow the downloading of software.
Event organizers can use web meeting software to share content beyond the video through the file sharing system.
Reservation Operator Assisted (OA) Online Conferencing
Our competitors give you operators, but we give you moderators. Each moderator is individually trained, and each one is totally focused on you and your call - they're not juggling other customers when it's your time participants may dial into a conference from anywhere in the world and are greeted by professional, responsive moderator. Our moderators manage every detail of your conference call and monitor the call's dynamic to ensure it flows smoothly and without interruption Operator-Assisted" phone conferencing, which does require a reservation on our secure platform.
Continuing Education Services
Our content delivery and management platform – Genesis360 – was specifically designed with Continuing Education services top of mind. Not only do our solutions power up and streamline CE and corporate training programs, we make it easy for our eLearning industry customers to meet the requirements set by accrediting providers.
Combining LMS essentials with topnotch webinar and webcasting technology, Genesis360 is the one-stop-shop you need to build, execute and manage your live and OnDemand Continuing Education content and workflows – from registration to final certificate delivery.
Hosted Voice over IP
Genesis - Leading Provider of cloud communication

With our Strategic Alliances, Genesis provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and unified communications to businesses nationwide. With Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP), simply connect your commercial and home office phones to your existing network and access high-quality calling, advanced features, and easy management for one low monthly price. With a platform built on the most advanced cloud-based VoIP technology in the world, we offer a full suite of IP solutions for Voice and Data with enhanced Hosted PBX and IP phone hardware.
Business Loans and Invoice Factoring
Financing options to try when the bank says no. We utilizing both traditional and nontraditional financing resources, our goal is to serve as your trusted adviser on business capitalization matters now and over the life cycle of your business.
Your association receives a recurring commission share of participating members usage for the life of the member account.

Genesis Networks Affiliate Program

Why Should You Join Our Telecom, Audio & Web Conferencing and Small Business Funding Team?
Associations, alumni associations, chambers of commerce, publications and nonprofit organizations are constantly looking for ways to do more with less. Aren’t we all? Do you want to enhance the portfolio of services you offer your clients, members or subscribers while increasing your monthly revenue? Do you want to help your clients find effective and affordable ways to grow their business or organization?
If you answered “Yes!” to either of the above questions, then our Affiliate Program may be a profitable alliance worth forming! It’s a win-win program that requires little or no investment and reaps great benefits for your clients and your organization. Our team members bring 25 years of industry experience to our company and combine that experience with superior, hands-on customer service. In other words, we’ll help you deliver quality deposition conference calling solutions on a security platform which may be used to create a formal legal record. We offer telecom, audio and web conferencing, as well as business funding experience to you and your customers. Genesis created additional features with our continuing education platform for customers, including administering final exams and automated delivery of certificates, and made GenesisCE features available during webinar and during OnDemand PlayBacks. Enjoy residual income for the life of each Genesis account you refer. Our affiliate marketing program provides a high level of security to ensure minimize risk by monitoring and highlighting any suspicious activity and tracking risk daily.

Genesis Offers Your Organization:
  • Monthly commissions: 5% gross for all our Conference Calling and Video Online Meeting services.
  • A percentage on all the telecom services will be shared when you become an affiliate member.
  • A percentage on Small Business Funding, Invoice Factoring and Commercial Real Estate will be shared when you become an affiliate.
  • We offer special discount promotions on Webinars, Webcasting, Operator-Assisted (OA) Online Conferencing, MediaHud, Continuing Education and Event Services.
  • Genesis will partner certain event services.
Genesis Offers Your Members:
  • 40-minute FREE trial of audio conferencing.
  • 14 -day free trial for Video-To-Go Unlimited Video, Web, Audio & Webinar for 100 participants
  • Discount off first two invoices on all conferencing calls and telecom services.
  • We off special discount promotions on Webinars, Webcasting, Operator-Assisted (OA) Online Conferencing, MediaHud, Continuing Education and Event Services.
  • Genesis will partner certain event services.
  • Discount on the Telecom.
  • Discount on Small Business Loans and Invoice Factoring.
The Genesis Affiliate Program enables you to:
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Enhance member relationships
  • Win new members
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • The affiliate control panel is where you will create your accounts, get marketing materials and log in to check account statistics.
  • Log in 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic and account balance and see how your banners are performing.
Spread the word about your alliance with Genesis! Advertise your unique alliance link with:
  • Email footers
  • Website banners
  • Include a link to our sign-up page in your mailings and e-mail blast
  • Forward a quarterly Genesis newsletter and to your clients, members, subscribers and affiliates
Genesis Offers Include:
  • Monthly commissions sent out when account accumulates $50.00 and over
  • Handling of all billing, service and administration
  • No contracts or minimum volumes
  • Marketing support, including marketing and sales literature provided via online downloads
  • Sales assistance with demos and meetings
  • Web-based client
Continuous Support
From the outset, you (and any clients, members or subscribers you refer) will receive full support from the Genesis team. It starts with a welcome call from one of our representatives upon sign-up, and continues with the benefits of using our wide array of audio, web, video conferencing, voice and data telecom services, and business funding.
We provide continuous support to all of our business partners. Our monthly billing and reporting systems have the flexibility to accurately meet your needs and will ensure that all royalty obligations are met.
Not ready to make that commitment just yet? We understand. It’s natural--and smart--to learn more about the companies you’ll be working with before you partner with them. Here you’ll be able to learn more about our company, our philosophy, and our team.
At Genesis we know that our greatest asset is you! We appreciate the opportunity to deliver to you the services you need. It is our goal to provide you with the best Business Solutions at the best prices!
There are no fees to join our Affiliate Program and you can stop at any time simply by emailing us and removing the link or banner.
We’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments, and look forward to forming an “Affiliate Program” with your company.
Please call Genesis Networks at 888-436-3746, or Sign Up Now and a Genesis associate will contact you.