Affiliate Program
Genesis Affiliate Programs... Why Should You Join Our Telecom, Audio & Web Conferencing Team?
Associations, alumni associations, chambers of commerce, publications and non-profit organizations are constantly looking for ways to do more with less. Aren't we all? Do you want to enhance the portfolio of services you offer your clients, members or subscribers while increasing your monthly revenue? Do you want to help your clients find effective and affordable ways to grow their business or organization? If you answered "Yes!" to either of the above questions, then our Affiliate Program may be a profitable alliance worth forming! It's a win-win program that requires little or no investment and reaps great benefits for your clients, and your organization. Our team members bring 20 years of industry experience to our company and couple that experience with superior, hands-on customer service. In other words, we'll help you deliver quality telecom, audio and web conferencing experience to you and your customers' customers.

Affiliate Program with Genesis enables you to:
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Genesis Offers Include:
Continuous Support
From the outset, you (and any clients, members or subscribers you refer) will receive full support from the Genesis team. It starts with a welcome call from one of our representatives upon sign-up, and continues with the benefits of using our wide array of audio, web, and video conferencing and voice and data telecom services.
We provide continuous support to all of our business partners. Our monthly billing and reporting systems have the flexibility to accurately meet your needs and will ensure that all royalty obligations are met.
Not ready to make that commitment just yet? We understand. It's natural--and smart--to learn more about the companies you'll be working with before you partner with them. Here, you'll be able to learn more about our company, our philosophy, and our team.
There are no fees to join our affiliate program and you can stop at any time simply by emailing us and removing the link or banner.
We'd love to hear from you with any questions or comments, and look forward to forming an "Affiliate Program" with your company. Please call Genesis Networks at 888-436-3746, or Sign Up Now and a Genesis associate will contact you.
At Genesis we know that our greatest asset is you! We appreciate the opportunity to deliver to you the services you need. It is our goal to to provide you with the best telecom services at the best prices!