Two for One Special!

Pick your Monthly Audio Plan and get our Video-To-Go Web/Conferencing Plan that includes up to five attendees for FREE!

Monthly Audio Plans

Video-To-Go Web/ Conferencing Plan

Our Video-To-Go/Web Conferencing Plan includes up to five attendees for FREE when you sign up for one of our Monthly Audio Plans!

Supports an unlimited number of participants with up to 12 simultaneous video windows. This means you can see more people at the same time with Video-To-Go. In addition, the total number of people you can conference with is only limited by the number of “seats” you purchase.

Each account includes unlimited separate logins, allowing company personnel to create conferences based on their job “categorization” (Sales, Admin, Tech Help, etc.)

Each account allows for an unlimited number of Web/Video Conferences, including audio via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) at no extra charge.

Add the quality of our digital audio bridge using our Toll- Free number from US and Canada at 5.9¢ per person, per minute for unsurpassed quality. US Toll (1+) Dial-In: You pay a bridging cost of 3.9¢ per minute. Participant pays their own long distance charges to dial a USA 1+ (toll) number. Any caller can connect to your conference call by dialing the access telephone number and entering the access Security Code, or entering your Conference ID when prompted.

Supports All Major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), allowing more of your prospects, clients and employees to have access to your meetings.

Your guests do not need to purchase anything (other than a web camera if they want to be seen).

You can access your account from anywhere in the world, without having to download any software.

Advanced features allow hosts and guests to share their screens with the rest of the room. This is great for performing PowerPoint Presentations, sharing images and documents, as well as browsing the internet together with your guests.

Computer Sharing add-on feature allows you to remotely control any/all of your guests’ computers (Plug-in required).

Saves money and time by allowing valuable employees to be more productive and travel less.

Your Web/Video Conferencing room can be customized to include your company’s logo and colors.