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The Importance and Benefits of Video Conferencing for Lawyers

In today’s modern world, it has become much easier for lawyers to work across different regions thanks to the advanced digital tools offered by professional services like Genesis VideoToGo. Some of these tools are legal video conferencing applications, which give you the ability to connect to fellow attorneys and clients.

By investing in this kind of technology, your law firm can save a lot of money on business trips and other expenses that come with such trips. A law firm video conferencing application can also help boost the productivity of your brand, as discussed below.

Benefits of a Legal Video Conferencing Application

Law firm video conferencing software has improved how the legal field works by creating the possibility of virtual meetings. This has saved lawyers and clients a lot of money and time. All you need is a reliable video conferencing application that has a full set of features. Here are various benefits of a legal video conferencing application.

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1. A Reliable Channel for Communication

Genesis VideoToGo understands how important it is to have a reliable channel for communication. That is why we are offering you law firm video conferencing software with unique features. Poor communication can lead to wastage of time and resources, which is why our video conferencing application is designed to make sure that no elements interfere with your connection.

Whether you want to reach out to your client, a member of your law firm, or anyone else, you can rely on this virtual application for a quick connection. Besides having the ability to receive real-time video, Genesis VideoToGo also allows for high quality audio, as well as private text chat communication methods.

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2. Use for Training New Staff Members

Besides communication, a video conferencing application can also be used for training purposes. Whether you are running a small or large law firm, you can provide adequate training to your staff from any region.

With the help of a law firm video conferencing application, you will be able to do things like monitor interns and new staff and much more. You will also be able to get instant updates on work progress. This helps you minimize errors, since you can clarify each detail as you proceed with the onboarding of the new staff members. Furthermore, with the virtual meeting application from Genesis VideoToGo, you can always provide a virtual demonstration to your new staff regarding what needs to be accomplished, as well as what your expectations are.

Genesis VideoToGo’s recording functionality lets you create training sessions that can be reused and repurposed with every new round of hires you bring on.

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3. Collect Witness Testimonies and Depositions

With Genesis VideoToGo’s law firm video conferencing solution, you will also have the ability to collect testimonies and depositions from your key witnesses. This is another great, yet simple way of cutting costs on your law firm’s travel expenses. Moreover, collecting testimonies using this advanced technology is much more convenient for most witnesses, since they can do this from wherever they feel it is safest for them.
This is especially true for witnesses who are not willing, or not able, to travel from where they currently live. All you have to do is connect to them using a video conferencing application and you will be able to acquire all the necessary details. There are many companies that have tried to facilitate these kinds of video depositions, but none of them have been able to merge the necessary functions of real-time text and quality of audio and video as well as Genesis VideoToGo has.

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4. Use Legal Video Conferencing Software for Arraignments

An arraignment usually takes a long time to complete because of how they are scheduled. However, by using a video conferencing application, arraignments can be done in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, this saves taxpayers the cost of transporting defendants from the prison to the courthouse. It also saves jails the time, energy, and stress that comes with securing transportation for high-risk defendants.

Conducing arraignments using a video conferencing application is easy and secure. Each inmate will be accompanied by their legal representative as well as the prosecutor and the guard during the virtual conference meeting. The video conferencing application will then be connected to a legal courtroom where the judge will be present for the case proceedings.

Proceedings can be conducted in public, since everyone present in the courtroom will be able to hear and see the involved parties who are on the other side. Another advantage of using such advanced tools is that you can choose to record these proceedings for future reference.

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5. Increase in Productivity

Large law firms spend countless hours tracking clients who work overseas in order to complete their legal tasks. Others are forced to travel to various destinations for such clients, and as a result, the firm ends up spending quite a bit of valuable time on travel. However, through a law firm video conferencing solution, firms can cut down on these events, leading to an increase in the firms’ productivity — the time used to travel can be utilized to solve other legal matters that are much more important.

Whether your clients work overseas or spend most of their time travelling, you can be sure that you will be able to get in touch in with them more easily and avoid the necessity of travel by using a video conferencing application such as Genesis VideoToGo.

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6. Remote Collaboration

Another benefit of having this advanced tool in your law firm is that you will be able to hold staff collaboration sessions. This is especially valuable in large law firms that have hundreds of workers, for whom it might not be easy to create enough space to host all your staff for group meetings.

By utilizing video conferencing for lawyers, you are able to hold group meetings, even if you do not have a large enough conference room. All you have to do is send email invitations to each staff member and you can hold a group meeting. This will save you all the time it takes to prepare and gather all the necessary resources needed to hold physical staff meetings.

Why Choose Genesis VideoToGo’s Video Conferencing Solution?

As mentioned earlier, there are countless companies that offer video conferencing solutions to business vendors. But not all of them have been able to meet customers’ expectations in terms of high-quality standards. That is why we are presenting our services to you so that you can get the opportunity to experience the quality services that our clients have experienced. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to invest in Genesis VideoToGo’s video conferencing for lawyers.

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1. It’s Fully Secure and Reliable

When it comes to handling legal matters, it is important that you have a secure, reliable source of communication. That means you need an application that is both secure from hackers and has administrative features to grant access only to authorized individuals. With Genesis VideoToGo, video and audio data is encrypted using SRTP (Secure RTP Protocol). Furthermore, those participating in the video conference are authenticated by the system.

Besides being able to restrict strangers and hackers from accessing your law firm’s information, your video conferencing application should also give you the privilege of changing certain features for better compliance, such as adding and removing users. With Genesis VideoToGo’s video conferencing solution, you can be sure that your firm has a reliable and secure source of communication.

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2. Improved Accessibility

Another reason to consider using Genesis VideoToGo’s law firm video conferencing solution is improved accessibility. You do not need any special skills or knowledge to use this advanced application. Furthermore, users can access this application using any web browser, which makes it more convenient to use — there is no need to download any software.

To use Genesis VideoToGo, users simply need to use a browser that supports WebRTC, which includes all the major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. This also includes mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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3. Quality Sound and Video

Another reason why our app is admired by our clients is that we offer a video-conferencing application that provides some of the highest quality video and audio streams. This is due to our choice of WebRTC as the protocol our software solution is based on. WebRTC offers video and audio codecs that are superior to others, resulting in a higher quality video and audio experience. In addition, WebRTC also offers the ability to adjust settings based on the bandwidth available to attendees, resulting in the best possible performance during online legal proceedings.

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4. Best Pricing

Besides offering quality services to our clients, we also have fantastic pricing for our advanced products. We offer different packages to clients so that they can choose a plan that will work best for their law firm, whether it involves basic video conferencing, video conferencing with real-time streaming, or even custom meeting rooms with a customized, white-labelled solution. All our products include secure, non-discoverable chat.


Within this page, we have listed some of the benefits of video conferencing for lawyers. By using our legal video conferencing products, we are confident that you will increase the productivity of your law firm, as well as make it possible to communicate in a much more timely manner, while spending far less time travelling or stuck in traffic.