Mobile Video Conferencing

Up until a few years ago, video conferencing required users to use dedicated hardware and software to create real-time audiovisual calls and meetings. However, as it now stands, rapid development of the technology by some of the largest and most well-known companies in the IT industry has made it possible for users to connect with numerous correspondents simultaneously using a variety of devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices.

Genesis VideoToGo’s browser-based solution is one of the best mobile video conferencing apps simply due to its unique set of features that make it easy to adopt and use on a regular basis.

Owning a mobile device has become more of a need than a want in recent years. They are increasingly proving to be essential to personal and professional life, especially when it comes to facilitating the dissemination of information as well as the operation of small, medium, and large businesses. In the world of online video conferencing, the video recording and online data transmission capabilities of these devices are invaluable.

Read on below to find out more about how the Genesis VideoToGo web video conferencing app is making it much easier for both end users and online video conferencing service resellers to take advantage of today’s highly capable mobile devices when it comes to facilitating effortless and effective communication.

Why Do You Need A Video Conferencing App for Your Mobile Device?

Before we look at why Genesis VideoToGo is the best mobile video conferencing app, it might be worthwhile for us to point out some of the main reasons why it might be beneficial for you to have such an app in the first place.

Real-time, face-to-face communication: One of the main benefits of real-time online video communication is the holistic nature of face-to-face communications. This simply means that, in addition to getting a verbal response from your correspondents, you also get to pick up on important non-verbal cues that play a significant part in a discussion or conversation. With a mobile video conferencing app, you get to enjoy immediate responses from your correspondents, since people usually carry these devices with them wherever they go.

Cost savings: By eliminating the need to travel and meet in the same physical location, like an office, conference room or any other place, mobile video conferencing applications give users the opportunity to save on costs. There is no need to rent out meeting rooms or spend money on travel costs or refreshments for those involved. Furthermore, by simply making use of mobile devices, users do not have to spend on additional hardware or software resources to enjoy the many benefits of online video conferencing.

Get more from your travel time: Users who spend most of their time travelling can use their mobile video conferencing solution to connect with various correspondents, thus getting more out of their travel time.

Productivity boost: All in all, the use of mobile video conferencing applications helps businesses make the most out of their limited resources by facilitating the most efficient communications. The swift sharing of information within organizations and outsiders, such as clients and suppliers, is smoother and faster.

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As an online video conferencing solution, Genesis VideoToGo helps users achieve the following:

Schedule online meetings: Designed to work on both Android and iOS mobile devices, Genesis VideoToGo makes it possible for users to plan and execute online video calls and meetings. The app gives users access to a variety of tools that make it possible for them to schedule online video meetings, invite participants, and conduct the meetings or calls as planned.

Achieve effortless integration: In addition to making online video calling an effortless and straightforward affair, Genesis VideoToGo is designed in a way that makes it easy for web developers to add functionality into any communication solution or setup, thanks to its easy-to-use API and video chat SDK.

Maximize branding: Genesis VideoToGo also makes it possible for end users and online video conferencing service resellers to use their own unique branding, including logos and colors, on every aspect of the application, allowing for maximum branding value.

What Makes Genesis VideoToGo the Best Mobile Video Conferencing App?

To help users realize all the above, as well as reap the benefits of using a mobile video conferencing app for Android or iOS, Genesis VideoToGo comes with the following important features:

Mobile Video Conferencing

Browser-Based Operation

One of the main reasons why Genesis VideoToGo is the best mobile video conferencing app for Android and iOS is the fact that it relies on browser-based operations. Since all that one needs to participate in an online video conference using this application is access to a browser, including Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, your employees, as well as any other end users you might have in mind, will find its use to be quite convenient.

On top of this, users can enjoy using this application without having to worry about any security threats posed by downloading third-party applications on their devices. This is an important factor when it comes to facilitating widespread adoption and use of mobile video conferencing technology.

By making it easier for end users to participate in mobile video calls and meetings, Genesis VideoToGo helps ensure that organizations invest in a communication system that is convenient and appealing to the intended end users. This ultimately means that more participants will be able to attend your online meetings, regardless of where they may be at the time of the online event. Reaching more correspondents, especially with reference to your customers, also means that you get the opportunity to grow your organization’s relationship with them.

Choosing to use our browser-based video conferencing solution not only means that you and your intended end users enjoy convenient mobile video conferencing at all times, but it also gives your organization the best opportunity to reach the highest number of correspondents whenever necessary.

Screen Sharing Software

WebRTC-Enabled Features

Web real-time communications (WebRTC) refers to a set of standards, developed by Google back in 2011 and open sourced in 2015, meant to streamline online multimedia calls. Our clients, regardless of whether they are the end users or video conferencing service resellers, can enjoy effortless online video calls.

To help you understand how WebRTC helps make your online video calling experience as smooth as possible, you need to understand what these standards are all about. In simple terms, WebRTC standards make it easier for you to make multimedia calls using your device’s browser.

It might come as a surprise, but most web browsers, especially those developed by IT companies involved in the development of WebRTC protocols, including Google, Opera, Apple, Ericson and Cisco, have built-in internet multimedia calling features. Our WebRTC-enabled application makes it possible for all users, including those using mobile devices, to have the power to exploit their device’s built-in capability to make online video and audio calls with ease.

As you can see from the above, exploiting the built-in web video and audio calling features of your device’s internet browser is as simple as using Genesis VideoToGo’s online video-calling solution. As previously mentioned, this browser-based operation eliminates the need to download any third-party software, which most end users may be suspicious of due to the security risk they present.

WebRTC also employs a variety of security features meant to always ensure safe and secure communication. For starters, web real-time communication standards employ end-to-end data encryption to ensure that the data sent between communicating devices cannot be seen by unauthorized users like hackers. Only invitees who are in possession of a valid encryption key, assigned to them by their host, can gain access to your multimedia call.

To further secure the video and audio data during transmission, WebRTC also employs Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). With so many WebRTC endpoints all across the world, security might be a cause for concern for anyone looking to use this communication technology; however, with the above described security measures, your data is secure before, during, and after transmission.

Security aside, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to online mobile video calls comes in the form of different network conditions. The strength and quality of mobile network signals varies depending on location. With this fact in mind, you might be asking yourself whether some of your correspondents may be unable to participate in online video meetings or calls when they are in an area with poor reception; fortunately, Genesis VideoToGo has you covered. Our video chat SDK relies on WebRTC protocols to adjust the quality of the feed sent to each endpoint. This is accomplished by the WebRTC protocols automatically sensing the signal strength at each endpoint and making necessary adjustments, ensuring that each participant receives a real-time video feed that is free of any interruptions or annoying pauses.

Combined with the high-quality video and audio codec used by WebRTC, this ensures that all users receive the best quality audio and video that their network connection can support.

Finally, the adoption of WebRTC protocols makes it possible for Genesis VideoToGo to pass on significant cost savings to our clients. These protocols, as previously mentioned, are open source, making their adoption free of cost.

White Label Mobile Video Conferencing App

White Label Mobile Video Conferencing App

Genesis VideoToGo offers you a totally customizable white-label mobile video conferencing solution. Clients, whether end users or resellers, who choose to subscribe to our private label package, get the freedom to brand all their online video calls and meetings with their very own unique brand of colors and logos. This means that our application also comes with a lot of marketing value and can help your organization increase brand awareness among a wide audience.

With the Genesis VideoToGo application, you can use your own unique domain name, brand colors, and logos instead of our own.

Since choosing to use a mobile video conferencing solution is mostly meant to help ensure that your webinars, web video calls, and meetings reach a wider audience, adding custom branding to the application boosts your digital marketing efforts.

On the other hand, if you are a video conferencing service reseller, adding your own custom branding to our application makes it possible for you to offer a product that appears to be wholly developed by you and your organization.

Simple-to-Use API

Simple-to-Use API

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right video conferencing application to use is its ability to integrate with other solutions that you might be using within your organization. For end users and developers looking for a mobile video conferencing app that can be added to their current solutions or communication infrastructure seamlessly, Genesis VideoToGo is your best option.

Our easy-to-use API and video chat SDK utilize the highly efficient GraphQL language to make the work of integrating it into your solution as simple and straightforward as possible.


While online video conferencing generally makes it easier for users to reach a wider group of correspondents face-to-face and without having to travel, mobile video conferencing takes the process to an even higher level, making it possible for you to reach your employees, prospects and clients - wherever they are and with whatever device they have available, be it at the office, on the road, or at home.

Regardless of whether you are an end user, or are looking to resell online video conferencing services, Genesis VideoToGo is one of the best mobile video conferencing apps out there. Developed by a highly skilled and experienced team of multimedia internet communications experts, this application is not only designed to make it possible for users to schedule and execute online meetings and webinars using their mobile devices, both Android and iOS, but also adds an unmatched element of integration and branding into the mix. By implementing Genesis VideoToGo, in addition to enjoying seamless browser-based online communication, end users and resellers are also able to add their own unique branding to their online meetings, as well as integrate our video chat SDK into any of their own online websites and solutions.